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Lettings Information and Privacy Policy


Search for properties by type or number of students.

Once you have found a property of interest, you can request a viewing or ask any questions by calling us on 07711 142581 or e-mail All properties can also be viewed on Google maps in order to show their proximity to the main campus.

For courtesy, we need to give current tenants 24 hours notice of viewings and can usually accommodate a time to suit you.

Booking/Securing the Property

Once you have selected your accommodation, there is an application form to complete. There are no deposits or admin fees to worry about. We reserve the property for up to 2 weeks after completion of the application form in order to complete the tenancy/guarantee paperwork and any referencing. During the busy month of August it is necessary to complete the paperwork at the time of viewing if you wish to secure your selected property. Properties are secured upon completion of the application form and payment of the admin fee.

Should you have any queries in respect of the tenancy we are able to discuss this with you or your parents as we wish to ensure you fully understand the documentation prior to signing.

A guarantor is required who should be UK based. If you are unable to provide a UK guarantor the rent for the tenancy will need to be paid in advance.


Rents are quoted weekly and to convert this to monthly simply multiply by 52 weeks and divide by 12 months e.g. £80/week is equivalent to 80 x 52÷ 12 = £346.67/month.

Most rents are all-inclusive of utilities and internet, except some self contained studios. Refer to individual properties for precise information.

Rents are paid termly by standing order and are based around the student loan dates as follows:

15th July1 month
1st October4 months
23rd January3 months
23rd April3 months

It is your responsibility to pay the rent on time and additional charges may be levied for late payment or reminder letters.


There is no deposit and at the time of signing the tenancy there is a £100 sum to be paid which counts towards the rent payments.

An inventory is provided with the Welcome Pack which records the condition of the property and furniture. This needs to be checked and any discrepancies notified to us within 7 days of moving in. If you do not check this we will record this as being accepted.

The property will be inspected when you leave and provided the property is clean and free from damage your deposit will be returned to you by bank transfer.

Tenancy Agreements

Tenancies are generally for43/45/50 commencing 1st September. Discounts are normally available for longer tenancies. All tenancies need to be supported by a UK based guarantor.

The tenancy is a legally binding document and we are happy to discuss any queries with you or your guarantor.

Moving In

All property is inspected and cleaned prior to moving in and an inventory  is provided together with a welcome pack. All properties are available from 1st September and keys can be collected during office hours or at other times by prior arrangement.

All paperwork needs to be completed and monies paid prior to moving in. You should allow 5 working days for cheques to clear so as to avoid any delays.


Please e-mail to report any maintenance items. To ensure a prompt and efficient maintenance service, we do not accept maintenance requests by telephone unless it is an emergency e.g. flooding or fire. The emergency contact details are provided in the Welcome Pack. As we let and manage only our own properties, we can always be contacted in the event of an emergency.

Booking Remotely

If you are looking from abroad or outside of Plymouth and are unable to view there are many photos and floor plans to assist you. If you have any further queries do not to hesitate to contact us on where we can provide further details.  Or use this form that can be found here.

Privacy Policy

This can be viewed on the Forms page

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